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Signia Xperience Pure 7X


The Signia Xperience Pure 7X is the premium, 5-star hearing aid model within the Pure Xperience family! Description Hear all the sounds that make hearing enjoyable The…


Hear all the sounds that make hearing enjoyable

The first hearing aids built on our seminal Signia technology, they continuously analyse your personal hearing environment in greater detail than ever to deliver sound precisely tailored to you.

Hear clearly in any situation, wherever you go

The revolutionary Pure X hearing aids from Signia are a real game-changer because they understand each and every acoustic situation.

Be an active part of every conversation

Everything sounds natural because you hear it at the correct volume, and you recognise from which direction each sound is coming. Just as nature intended.

Now you can cook dinner and hear your loved ones behind you, enjoying the conversation even with all the sounds of the kitchen around you. You can go walking with friends in the park and hear them from any direction while also enjoying the sounds of the birds singing in the trees.

Modern lifestyle design

Pure X’s small size and clean lines exemplify slimness and comfort, with a soft rounded form for ergonomic fit on your ears. Unique metallic colours and finishes add a sublime high-end touch to match the premium sound quality.

The smallest hearing aids for personalised hearing with direct streaming

The new Pure X also offers top Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream phone calls, music and high-quality TV audio effortlessly straight into the hearing aids. With Pure X you don’t miss a beat when it comes to keeping up with friends or colleagues, enjoying your favourite music, or staying up to date with the latest Hollywood blockbusters and TV series.

Connectivity also means easy and discreet remote control and hearing care support in the palm of your hands with the new all-in-one Signia app.