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ReSound hearing aids provide the most natural listening experience possible. Whether you are walking down the busy streets, in the office or at a family gathering, these devices can cut through background noise and adapt to your surroundings to only deliver the sounds you want to hear without any distortion.

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Rotna khatun Parents

My child can now call me mamah! I was in despair when I discovered my child had a hearing impairment, but with the blessings of Almighty, we found Shono Bangladesh. Thank you Shono Bangladesh

Karima sultana Parents

Never knew treatment could be this fun and with games! Amazing kid-friendly environment.

Shams Parents

We had the courage to help our child in his struggle but didn't have the knowledge how to do it, thanks to Shono Bangladesh who built the bridge between our child and us

The Resound Mobile App

With the ReSound Smart 3D app you can easily control numerous aspects of your ReSound hearing aids. You can make quick adjustments to your hearing aid volume and balance levels and track your lost hearing aids in case you leave them behind.

The app will also display the current battery levels of your devices so you know when they need to be charged. Don’t worry about forgetting to charge them, because the app will send you a notification when the levels get below a particular level and then another notification when they are ready to use.

resound mobile app

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Combine incredibly low prices on hearing aids from all the leading brands with remote care provided by our UK-based Audiologists.

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