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Resound TV Streamer 2


Home just got a lot more entertaining The ReSound’s TV Streamer 2 makes it easy for the whole family to watch TV together at a…


Easy to Connect!

You can simply plug the TV Streamer 2 into your TV, music system or computer. Once it is paired to your ReSound Smart Hearing aids*, you can enjoy crystal-clear stereo sound. And you can listen at your volume while the people around you listen at theirs. If you leave the listening range and come back within five minutes, their hearing aids will automatically reconnect.

Watch and Chat at the same time!

You can use their ReSound app or Remote Control 2 to adjust the volume of your hearing aid microphones and the TV independently. This means you can chat with whoever is sitting next to you, or you can mute you hearing aid microphones altogether and concentrate on the TV programme.

* Compatible with all ReSound wireless hearing aids.