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Signia Styletto 3X


Description Description The Signia Styletto 3X is the 3-star model within the Styletto family! It’s more…


The Signia Styletto 3X is the 3-star model within the Styletto family!

It’s more than just a hearing aid. It’s your complete hearing experience.

Our iconic new Styletto X combines award-winning design and recharge-ability with crystal clear sound so you can always hear what matters to you.

Experience a new era of wear-ability

Styletto X transforms the outdated image of hearing aids into highly sophisticated hearwear™. Pure in design, sophisticated in form, its graceful lines, refined fit and true-to-life hearing experience mean you feel the difference as soon as you slip it on.

Hear what matters to you

Styletto X meets all your hearing needs with its revolutionary Signia Xperience chip for clear sound and best speech comprehension even in noisy environments.

Our unique acoustic-motion sensors allow Styletto X to optimise your hearing to every situation, as 82% of wearers say Xperience hearing aids provide the best speech understanding across all listening situations. So you can hear what matters whether you are running outside, in a bustling shop or restaurant, or relaxing with your family and friends at home.

Signia Assistant. Your very own hearing companion.

Your hearing is personal – from your favourite sounds to your individual needs in each acoustic situation. The new Signia Assistant is your very own hearing companion to help you stay fully involved in life and hear what matters to you.

A Wireless charger with everything you need! On the go charging!

The pocket-sized portable charging case is the world’s first hearing aid charger with Qi wireless technology, enabling you to simply place the charger on a charging pad instead of having to plug it into the mains. Wherever you’re going, Styletto X goes with you. And goes and goes – its charging case delivers an astounding 3 days* of user autonomy without the need to charge the case.

*Based on 19 hours wearing per day, or 16 hours wearing incl. 5 hours streaming per day