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SAMBA Audio Processor

It’s bright, it’s stylish and it brings sound and joy to your life—SAMBA is the ideal audio processor for your VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE or BONEBRIDGE.

Your Life. Your Style. Your Hearing.

SAMBA is built for you. As the lightest and thinnest audio processor available, SAMBA makes your hearing more comfortable, but also more colourful. There are 13 funky Design Covers to choose from, plus some neutral colours for a more discreet look.

And of course SAMBA is packed full of the latest technology, so that you can get the most out of your hearing, all day long.

  • Comfortable to wear

    Lightweight, streamlined design

  • Match your style

    Plenty of colour options and Design Covers

  • Intelligent hearing technology

    Easier listening with automatic sound adaption

  • Simple to use

    No buttons, no switches, no hassles

SAMBA Covers

Feel Free

SAMBA is designed for all-day wearing comfort. The tiny audio processor sits comfortably on your head, not on your ear, and is so streamlined and light you may forget you’re even wearing it! Held securely in place over your implant by magnets, SAMBA also doesn’t put uncomfortable pressure on your skin.

What’s more, SAMBA’s extensive battery life means you can go for up to five days before having to replace the batteries.

Colour Your Life

Add some colour to your processor. SAMBA is available with fun Design Covers, making it easy to match your audio processor to your style. From stars, to smileys, to strawberries, you can change your look in an instant.

Alternatively if you’d rather wear your audio processor the discreet way, simply choose one of the neutral-coloured covers, and make SAMBA invisible under your hair.

Discover More

SAMBA Cover Smiley

Hassle-Free Hearing

SAMBA’s intelligent sound adaption technology does the hard work for you. Whether you’re in a noisy café, or listening to music at home, SAMBA automatically changes settings to let you hear your best in the environment you’re in. For you, this means less time switching programmes, and more time focusing on the sounds around you.