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RONDO 3 Audio Processor

RONDO 3 is incredibly simple. With wireless streaming, wireless charging and superior hearing performance, RONDO 3 gives you simple hearing for all day—every day. It’s simply an incredible audio processor.

RONDO 3 makes hearing simple. Superior and seamless hearing performance — without the need to change settings or batteries. With RONDO 3, connecting with what you love is simple.

Simple Hearing

Hear your best and have conversations with confidence in any environment—without changing settings.

Conversations with Confidence

Ever have problems understanding in a crowded café? Not with RONDO 3. With two microphones focused on speech, RONDO 3 will give you the confidence to have conversations anywhere.

Adaptive Intelligence

Tired of changing settings? With Automatic Sound Management 3.0 and Adaptive Intelligence technology, RONDO 3 automatically adapts to any sound environment providing for superior hearing performance everywhere you go. Now that’s incredibly simple.

Enhanced Noise Reduction

Whether it’s the breeze, dishes clanking or the steady hum of an engine, noise everywhere can disrupt your understanding of speech. RONDO 3 automatically reduces such background noises so you can hear with comfort.

Compatible with All Hearing Aids

RONDO 3 is compatible with every brand and type of hearing aid because RONDO 3 and MED-EL cochlear implant systems mimic natural hearing.

What’s more, RONDO 3 can even be easily adjusted for optimal hearing with any hearing aid—including the hearing aid you’re already wearing on the other ear now. Since you won’t need to buy a new hearing aid on the other side, you’ll save money and the trouble needed to readjust to a new one. Simply incredible!

Simple Handling

No cables, no changing batteries, no hassles. RONDO 3 is light, extremely slim and charges wirelessly. No worries if you forget to charge it overnight. You can still charge it on the go and continue using your RONDO 3 at the same time without any downtime! That will give you peace of mind!


Complete Convenience

Checking RONDO 3’s battery level is incredibly simple—either on your smartphone or by just pressing directly on the processor itself! It couldn’t be any more convenient.

Incredible Comfort

RONDO 3 was created for comfort and is barely visible on the head. It is worn completely off the ear, making RONDO 3 not only perfect for those with glasses but also incredibly comfortable for everyone.

Cut Costs and Waste

With an integrated rechargeable battery, you won’t use disposable batteries ever again. Save yourself time and money—and from the guilt of having to throw away all of those used batteries.

Power for All Day

RONDO 3’s integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery can provide enough power for all day. Just charge it overnight while you sleep, and wake up to a full day of hearing.

Wireless Charging

Simply place it on the center of the inductive charging pad, and RONDO 3 will recharge automatically—no cables needed! Then you’re free to forget about it and get on with your day—or rest assured that RONDO 3 will be ready to go when you need it.