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RONDO 2 Audio Processor

RONDO 2 is very easy to use. With its elegant, discreet design and revolutionary wireless charging, RONDO 2 gives you hassle-free hearing all day long.

RONDO 2 is very easy to use. With its elegant, discreet design and revolutionary wireless charging, RONDO 2 gives you hassle-free hearing all day long.

RONDO 2 Audio Processor

RONDO 2 is designed to be so easy to use, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Along with its innovative wireless charging, RONDO 2 has just one simple on/off button and automatically controls volume levels for you. It’s easy to connect to your phone or TV using intelligent wireless accessories, and the compact design means it can be hidden discreetly under your hair.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to charge
  • Easy to wear
RONDO 2 Audio Processor with Wireless Charger

Wireless Charging

RONDO 2’s innovative wireless charging makes it easy to power up your processor overnight—just like your phone. But unlike your phone there are no cables: simply place RONDO 2 on the charging pad and it will charge automatically. You’ll never have to change a battery ever again.

Go All Day

Providing up to 24 hours of battery life, RONDO 2 gives you all-day hearing. And it charges fully in just 5 hours, perfect for overnight. With no batteries to change and uninterrupted hearing from morning till night, you can forget about your cochlear implant and get on with your day.

RONDO 2 Design Covers

Keep it Discreet

RONDO 2 is a small, compact device that sits on the head, just back from your ear. The discreet audio processor has a streamlined design and can be easily hidden under hair. For those who regularly wear glasses, RONDO 2 is a comfortable hearing solution. With nothing directly on the ear, you can wear your glasses as normal and experience optimal hearing at the same time.

The Natural Look

Make your audio processor invisible. In addition to the five neutral colors, there are also hair-patterned Design Covers available to help RONDO 2 blend in with any hairstyle.

The easy-to-use covers match a variety of hair tones, from straw blonde to jet black, and have a subtle gradient for a more natural look.

Be Bold

If you’d rather make a statement with your RONDO 2, there are plenty of colorful Design Covers which really show off your audio processor.

From elegant art-inspired designs to classic patterns and wild animal prints, you can simply snap your favorite cover onto RONDO 2 and change your look in an instant.

iPhone Connectivity

Stay Connected

Sometimes it can be hard to hear your best. Noisy public places can be difficult, as can talking on the phone or hearing the TV clearly.

RONDO 2 connects seamlessly with Bluetooth® neckloops and hearing induction loops to bring the sound straight to your ears, even across a busy room. This gives you optimal hearing wherever you are, so you’ll never miss out on those important moments.

Effortless Listening

You shouldn’t have to spend all day changing your audio processor’s settings. RONDO 2 automatically adapts to help you hear soft sounds clearly and loud sounds comfortably everywhere you go—without the need to use switches or press buttons.

This makes hearing effortless and gives you a much more natural listening experience.

Make a Splash

Whether diving into the ocean or simply relaxing by the pool, keep your RONDO 2 safe and dry with WaterWear. These reusable waterproof covers are easy to attach and can be used in any type of water, including salty seawater and chlorinated swimming pools. WaterWear gives you the freedom to do the water activities you love.

And of course, RONDO 2’s water-resistant design means it is protected from everyday splashes and moisture. So if you get caught unexpectedly in the rain, you can rest assured that RONDO 2 will continue to give you optimal hearing.