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Phonak Marvel Audeo M30


The Phonak Marvel Audeo M30 is the 2-star model within the Marvel Audeo family. It has the lowest technology of the Marvel Audeo family, available…


With Marvel we’ve pushed the boundaries of hearing technology to create a solution that delivers excellent sound quality, is easy to use and provides a true sense of well-being. From the first fit and everyday thereafter, Marvel delivers a love at first sound listening experience. Featuring the latest technology in one marvelous hearing aid, it connects directly to smartphones, TVs and a variety of everyday electronics. Phonak’s range of hearing aids are available at excellent prices with free delivery.

  1. Exceptional sound quality from the first fit.
  2. better speech understanding in noise.
  3. Reduced listening effort in noise.
  4. Remote programming available for fine tuning with our audiologists (you require a compatible smartphone).
  5. myPhonak app.