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cochlear nucleus profile plus with slim straight electrode (CI522)

The implant’s diametrically polarized magnet rotates and aligns with the magnetic field of the MRI machine, reducing the torque experienced by the implant, which contrasts axial magnets.

With MRI becoming a hot topic of discussion within the cochlear implant space, do you feel the introduction of Profile Plus eliminates this discussion? 

About this guide
This guide applies to the Cochlear™ Nucleus® CI522 cochlear implant,
which is a CI522 Series implant.
This guide is intended for surgical staff involved in implanting the device.
Surgeons implanting the device should be experienced in cochlear
implant surgery.
Before surgery, ensure you are thoroughly familiar with the information
in this guide and the product labelling. The guide includes important
information on MRI, indications, contraindications, adverse effects,
warnings and precautions. A surgical procedure for implanting the
device is also explained.
This guide does not take account of any particular circumstances
or factors relevant to an individual patient or case. Other surgical
approaches and variations are practised and may be more appropriate
in certain circumstances. After considering all relevant circumstances,
factors and information in each case, the appropriate surgical procedure
is determined by the relevant physician exercising independent medical