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cochlear nucleus electrode CI422

The implant’s diametrically polarized magnet rotates and aligns with the magnetic field of the MRI machine, reducing the torque experienced by the implant, which contrasts axial magnets.

With MRI becoming a hot topic of discussion within the cochlear implant space, do you feel the introduction of Profile Plus eliminates this discussion?


• Insertion Instrument: AOS Forceps (Item# Z60770)
• Requires Freedom® Surgical Kit (Item# Z60523)
• Open the facial recess and drill away round window overhang
to visualize the true round window membrane
• Surgical Handle should face and maintain orientation opposite
to the modilous while inserting the electrode to ensure contacts
are oriented correctly
• Use white markers on Slim array to assist in achieving
a suitable insertion depth
• Stabilize the lead to prevent movement of the electrode
array in the cochlea