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ADHEAR – Bone Conduction System

RONDO 2 is very easy to use. With its elegant, discreet design and revolutionary wireless charging, RONDO 2 gives you hassle-free hearing all day long.

Stick. Click. Hear.

The ADHEAR revolution is here. ADHEAR uses the latest generation of bone conduction technology to give you great hearing, with no surgery required. Simply stick the ADHEAR adapter behind your ear, click on the audio processor, and start hearing instantly.

What’s more, ADHEAR is the only non-implanted bone conduction device that doesn’t put pressure on your skin. ADHEAR is so comfortable to wear, you won’t want to take it off at the end of the day.

  • Effortless hearing

    No surgery required

  • Reliable listening

    Stays securely in place for optimal sound quality

  • All-day wearing comfort

    No pressure on the skin

  • Sleek design

    Easy to hide ADHEAR under hair

  • For all ages

    Ideal solution for babies and toddlers


How Does ADHEAR Work?

ADHEAR is designed for people with conductive hearing loss. With this type of hearing loss, the outer or middle ear is damaged, which stops sounds from reaching the inner ear. But ADHEAR lets you hear without using your outer and middle ears. Instead, ADHEAR gently vibrates the bone behind your ear to send sound directly to your inner ear, giving you natural sound quality.

In addition, ADHEAR can also be used as a solution for single-sided deafness, to send sound from your non-hearing side round to your “good side”.

Each ADHEAR system has two parts: the adhesive adapter and the audio processor. The thin adhesive adapter sticks to the skin just behind your ear, where you don’t have any hair. The audio processor clicks onto this adapter. Its microphones pick up the sounds around you, and then it vibrates the adapter to send these sounds to your inner ear. Both parts of ADHEAR are discreet to wear, and can be easily hidden under your hair.

Instant Results

Unlike some bone conduction devices, you don’t need any surgery before using ADHEAR. You can simply stick on ADHEAR and start hearing immediately. This also means that you can try out ADHEAR, and be sure it is the right hearing device for you before making a long-term commitment.

Get in touch today with a hearing professional in your area, and try out ADHEAR for yourself.

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Easy Listening

ADHEAR uses the latest bone conduction technology to bring you the best hearing possible. It works the same way as other passive bone conduction devices, but without putting any pressure on your skin.

And with directional microphones, feedback cancellation, and background noise reduction, ADHEAR lets you focus in on the sounds that matter most.

Non Stop Hearing

Don’t interrupt your hearing. ADHEAR’s extensive battery life means you can enjoy great hearing for up to two weeks at a time.

Changing the battery is quick and easy to do, and with only one battery to change each time, ADHEAR is cost efficient too!

Take it Easy

ADHEAR is designed to be easy. With four pre-programmed settings at the push of a button, you can hear your best in different environments. Whether you’re chatting to a friend in a busy café, or simply reading alone at home, ADHEAR tailors your hearing to the situation.

In addition, you can connect ADHEAR to various accessories, to give your hearing a boost in challenging situations. From Bluetooth® streamers to telecoil receivers, there’s plenty of ways to hear better on the phone, at the cinema, or while listening to your favourite music.

Blend In or Stand Out

It’s easy to hide ADHEAR discreetly under your hair. But if you want to show off your audio processor, then the eye-catching ADHEAR stickers and sleeves are the accessories for you. There are different colours and designs to choose from, so you can make your ADHEAR match your style.


Bone Conduction System

Dimensions Audio Processor

  • Height: 14.6 mm
  • Width: 34.9 mm
  • Weight: 13.5 g (including battery)

Dimensions Adhesive Adapter

  • Height: 4 mm
  • Width: 29 mm
  • Weight: 1 g

Product Features

  • Volume control
  • Program button
  • Turn system off by opening the battery compartment
  • Mute by switching to program 4
  • Battery lock feature
  • Direct audio input: Connect devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth streamers, FM receivers or telecoil receivers
  • Audio processor available in 3 colors
  • Adhesive adapter available in 2 colors

Signal Processing

  • Automatic adaptive directional microphone system
  • 16-band digital equalizer
  • 8 independent compression channels
  • Noise reduction
  • Feedback cancellation without reducing gain
  • Microphone noise reduction adjustable via squelch ratio and threshold
  • 4 pre-configured programs (up to 6 possible)

Materials in Skin Contact

  • Adhesive adapter: medical adhesive, non-toxic and non-allergic
  • Headband (optional): polycarbonate plastic, polyester and elastane
  • Biocompatible according to ISO 10993-1
  • Latex-free**

Audio Processor Color Options

ADHEAR colours

Adhesive Adapter Color Options

ADHEAR Adhesive Colors

Power Supply

  • One non-rechargeable size 13 zinc-air button cell with a nominal 1.4 V supply (IEC identifier: PR48)
  • Up to 300 hours of battery life*
  • Battery current: 0.87 mA (at 60 dB SPL input, 1600 Hz)


  • ADHEAR Adhesive Adapters
  • ADHEAR Headband
  • ADHEAR Positioning Tool
  • ADHEAR Sleeves
  • Cleaning brush
  • Design stickers
  • Daily case (different sizes available)
  • Travel case
  • Retention clip
  • Screwdriver


  • Angled adapter cable
  • Micro USB audio cable
  • FM adapter cable
  • Long audio input cable, bilateral input (100 cm)
  • Long audio input cable, unilateral input (100 cm)
  • Short audio input cable, bilateral input (45 cm)
  • Short audio input cable, unilateral input (45 cm)