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Cleaning Hearing Aid Domes: Best Practices and Tips

Domes are primarily employed for individuals with profound hearing impairment due to their substantial influence on sound quality. Each variant of the dome exhibits slight variations and serves as the tangible, detachable component of a hearing aid. If you choose to use a Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) device or a Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE) device, you will likely need to use a dome.Domes fall into four categories: open, closed, power, single-vented, and dual-vented.

Cleaning the dome of a hearing aid is a simple technique that takes little effort. One that is simple to understand:

Dome Removal

Carefully take the hearing aid’s dome out of the device.You might have to rotate or drag it in a certain way to take a hearing aid apart.

If there is any discoloration, damage, or earwax buildup, you can find it by carefully inspecting the dome.
Combine a little bit of gentle soap with warm water in a small container. For washing, use this. The next step is to wash it in a delicate soap and water mixture. Gentle scrubbing of the dome with soapy water will remove any built-up dirt or earwax. Do not put hot water on the dome; doing so could ruin it.

Rinse completely

After washing the dome, clean it with water over several times to eliminate any remaining soap. This will ensure a thorough rinsing. Doing this will guarantee that the soap residue is entirely gone.

Dry The Dome

After cleaning, make sure the dome is completely dry by pressing it dry with a dry, non-linty towel or soft tissue. The dome will be dry after this. Make sure the item has dried thoroughly before reattaching it to the hearing aid.

The dome should be rejoined to the structure when it has been cleaned and dried completely, ensuring that it is free of any debris or water. Place the dome carefully back onto the hearing aid.

If you want to clean your hearing aids properly, you should remove the dome first. Remove any debris, such as wax or dirt, from the hearing aid using a gentle brush or moist cloth.

You should consider incorporating hearing aid dome cleaning into your current routine maintenance schedule. If dirt builds very quickly you should clean it more than once in a week but usually once a week is suggested.

Maintaining Cleanliness

As long as you follow these instructions, your hearing aid dome will stay clean and in optimal working condition. Your best bet if you need help figuring out how to clean your hearing aid is to talk to a trained audiologist or registered hearing health-care professional. For expert advice and comprehensive care, consider visiting Shono Bangladesh, your trusted leading hearing care and speech therapy center in Dhaka,which offers various services and provides information on hearing aids price in Bangladesh.

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Cleaning Hearing Aid Domes – Shono Bnagladesh

FAQ About Cleaning Hearing Aid Domes

Is Alcohol Bad For Cleaning The Domes Of Hearing Aids?

Yes. It can damage your device

Can Hearing Aid Dome Get Lost In The Ear?

Yes, it’s possible for a hearing aid dome to get stuck or lose an infection in the ear, though it’s not common. This typically happens if the dome isn’t properly attached to the hearing aid or if it’s not the correct size for your ear canal. To minimize the risk of this while managing hearing loss.

How Do You Remove Wax From Hearing Aid Molds?

Professionals usually do that with some solutions

How Often Do You Clean Hearing Aid Domes?

There is no such specific time limit. It depends on the ear wax formation timing. Usually weekly cleaning is preferred.

Can You Wash Hearing Aid Domes?

Do not wash your hearing aids with water. Clean your hearing aid with a soft damp cloth or soft  brush to remove dirt on them. 

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