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Phonak Naida Paradise P90 UP


The Phonak Paradise Naida P90 hearing aid is the latest 2021 premium BTE Release, a 5-star model within the Naida hearing aid family. Description Next…

The Phonak Naida Paradise P90-UP is a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid designed for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. It boasts a robust feature set aimed at enhancing sound clarity, reducing background noise, and improving overall listening experience in various environments. Let’s delve into the key features of this powerful hearing aid:

Speech Enhancement and Noise Cancellation:

  • Speech Enhancer: This feature prioritizes speech by actively separating it from background noise. It emphasizes speech frequencies, making conversations clearer and easier to understand in noisy situations like restaurants or crowded streets.
  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation: The P90-UP employs dynamic noise cancellation to suppress unwanted background sounds like traffic or chatter. This allows you to focus on the conversation at hand without distractions.

Improved Connectivity and Streaming:

  • Universal Bluetooth Connectivity: Unlike some hearing aids that only connect to specific devices, the P90-UP offers universal Bluetooth compatibility. It seamlessly connects to smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets, TVs, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, eliminating the need for separate streamers.
  • Multiple Bluetooth Connections: This feature allows you to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. You can effortlessly switch between your phone and a TV without manually disconnecting and reconnecting.

Advanced Technologies for Effortless Listening:

  • Motion Sensor Hearing (Available in Naida P-PR models): This innovative feature utilizes a built-in motion sensor to automatically adjust your hearing based on your activity. It recognizes situations like walking or standing and optimizes sound settings for clearer listening in those environments.
  • Tap Control (Available in Naida P-PR models): A simple tap on your ear allows you to control various functions like changing listening programs, answering calls, or adjusting volume. This hands-free approach offers greater convenience and discretion.
  • Phonak Roger Compatibility: The P90-UP is compatible with Phonak Roger devices, which enhance speech understanding in challenging listening environments with significant background noise. Roger microphones can be clipped onto a speaker’s clothing, transmitting their voice directly to your hearing aids for improved clarity.

Additional Features for a Richer Listening Experience:

  • Phone Calls: The P90-UP allows for hands-free phone calls with clear audio transmission and reception.
  • Music and Media Streaming: Enjoy high-quality audio streaming directly from your smartphone, tablet, or TV to your hearing aids, providing a richer and more fulfilling entertainment experience.
  • SoundRecover2: This technology helps restore the audibility of high-frequency sounds, which are often muffled or lost due to hearing loss. It utilizes an adaptive algorithm to make these sounds audible while preserving the natural quality of other frequencies.
  • Acoustically Optimized Venting: This Phonak innovation minimizes the occlusion effect, a feeling of fullness or blockage in the ear canal commonly experienced with some hearing aids.
  • Personalized Programs: The P90-UP allows your hearing care professional to create personalized listening programs for various situations you encounter throughout the day. You can easily switch between these programs with a button press on your hearing aid or through the myPhonak app.
  • myPhonak app: This smartphone app allows for remote adjustments to your hearing aid settings by your hearing care professional. Additionally, you can control various functions like volume and program selection directly from your phone.


  • The Phonak Naida Paradise P90-UP is a high-end hearing aid and may not be covered entirely by insurance.
  • It uses disposable batteries and is not rechargeable.
  • While the P90-UP offers advanced features, consulting a hearing care professional is crucial to determine if it’s the most suitable option for your specific hearing loss and needs.

Overall, the Phonak Naida Paradise P90-UP is a powerful hearing aid packed with features to enhance your listening experience in various environments. With features like speech enhancement, noise cancellation, and universal Bluetooth connectivity, it aims to provide clear, rich sound and improved communication for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.