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Phonak Audeo Lumity L70


The Phonak Lumity L70 hearing aid is the premium, 4-star model within the Phonak Hearing Aid family. With Phonak Lumity, experience the evolution of speech…


Incredible Speech Understanding

Lumity provides 16% better speech understanding from the front and an average of 15% better speech intelligibility from the back and sides. It integrates Phonak’s SmartSpeech™ Technology for improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort, particularly in challenging environments.

You will be able to fully immerse in conversations and enjoy hearing in many situations, in quiet or even in environments with background noise, such as a restaurant with ease.

Even Better From Any Angle

Lumity delivers a new dimension in directional microphone technology with improved speech detection and speech understanding through new StereoZoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor. StereoZoom 2.0 provides a smoother, gradual and continuously adaptive focus on a conversation partner and SpeechSensor provides 360-degree speech detection.

Connect to support from Anywhere

Lumity includes universal Bluetooth® connectivity and allows you tonconnectivity to a multitude of Bluetooth® enabled devices, track a range of personal health data with the myPhonak app, including step count and distance tracking finally, being no more than a few clicks away from Telehealth care via a Remote Virtual Appointment.

The first fully rechargeable product range from Phonak – The future is ON

Rechargeable hearing aids are better for you, your client and the environment. Phonak Lumity features these charging options.

Phonak Charger Ease

R RT Charger

Charges Audéo L-R and RT hearing aids in just three hours so clients can enjoy a full day of hearing.

Phonak Charger Case Go™

Phonak RL Charger

Exclusively designed for Audéo Life. It can fully charge the hearing aids up to 3 times on a single charge and is easy to use on the go.

Phonak Life Charger™

Phonak RL Charger

Exclusively designed for Audéo Life; an inductive charger without a built-in battery.